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Tree Pruning, Lopping, Removal and Stump Grinding in Queensland

Garwood Tree Services offers a comprehensive range of professional tree care services to customers in Ipswich, Brisbane, Tamborine and surrounds. Our fully insured and qualified team has undergone years of professional training. We are committed to providing you with precise and punctual tree services that include tree pruning, tree removal and stump grinding.

Tree Pruning

There are a number of benefits to pruning your trees – maintaining tree health, controlling tree growth, preparing for a fruit harvest, and reducing the risk of deadwood and falling branches. Using only the highest quality of tools and equipment, our team can offer safe and reliable tree pruning services to help increase the longevity of your trees. 

Tree Lopping

A common phrase used in the tree removal industry; Tree Lopping is a general term used to refer to removing parts of the tree rather than the entire tree. It is advisable to not carry this task out yourself but leave it to expert tree loppers. Thankfully, if you have unwanted branches on a tree we have the experience to remove them whilst taking upmost care in the process.

Tree Removal

New Aging or dying trees can be a risk to not only the natural habitat around them but also to people. To make sure nobody is harmed by an aging or dying tree, ask us about our tree removal services. Our team is professionally trained to determine which trees are past their safe useful life expectancy and can remove them in a safe and efficient manner.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding, the last step of the tree removal process, is essential to maintaining the health and quality of the soil surrounding the stump. Although some stumps can be removed by hand, other bigger stumps can only be removed using specialist equipment operated by one of our licensed tree surgeons or arborists. 

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